Crucible Furnaces TBR with Recuperative Burner Gas-Fired, for Melting and Holding

TBR 110/11

2 x TBR 100/11 in production

Production with 16 x TBR 100/11 and 2 x TBR 180/11

Heat exchanger in the exhaust gas duct

Burner with gas supply system

The fuel-heated melting furnaces in the TBR product line fitted with the side exhaust gas discharge provide for optimum energy utilization combined with highest quality melt. Fitted with a burner system including heat-recovery system using a recuperative burner, the energy efficiency of ordinary fuel-heated melting furnaces is significantly improved.

Depending on utilization the hot exhaust gases from the furnace are guided through a heat exchanger in order to preheat the combustion air for the burner. The system provides for energy savings of up to 25 % compared to ordinary fuel-heated furnaces with side exhaust gas discharge. The higher purchase costs are amortized within a short time.

  • Tmax 1100 °C for aluminum and zinc alloys
  • Two-stage output control: High load for melting operation, low load for holding operation with automatic switching between both modes
  • Modern burner system with optimized flame guide: High efficiency provided by over-pressure operation to keep out entrained air
  • Heat exchanger in the exhaust gas duct to preheat the combustion air for the burners
  • Energy savings of up to 25 % in comparison to other fuel-heated melting furnaces featuring side-wall exhaust gas vents
  • Gas system consisting of pressure regulator, gas filter, manometer and solenoid valves
  • Safe flame monitoring
  • Burner technology with easy-to-service design, compliant with DIN 746, Part 2
  • Designed for natural gas or liquid natural gas with 8.8 kWh/m3 - 25.9 kWh/m3
  • Required gas input pressure 70 mbar
  • Operation with other fuels and/or with another gas input pressure possible
  • High melting output powered by high-performance burners and high-quality insulation
  • Multi-layered insulation with lightweight refractory bricks provide the furnace chamber lining
  • Emergency outlet for safe discharge of the melt in case of a crucible break
  • Side exhaust gas discharge
    • Low burn-off provides for high quality melt
    • Low hydrogen absorption by the melt
    • Low heat exposure for the operator in the area above the crucible
  • Over-temperature limiter for the furnace chamber with automatic reset to protect against over-temperature. The limit controller switches off the heating when the pre-set limit temperature has been reached and does not switch it on again until the temperature falls below the setting again.
  • Furnace chamber control with temperature measurement behind the crucible

Additional equipment

  • Crucible made of clay graphite or SiC with higher heat conductivity
  • Work platform or platform for easier charging
  • Crucible break monitoring with optical and acoustic signal
  • Bath control system
    • Furnace control via the bath temperature
    • Thermocouples in the furnace chamber and the melt
    • Improved melt quality ensured by a reduction in temperature overshoots
    • Integrated safety controller system that, in case of bath thermocouple breakage, continues to operate the furnace at a reduced output to prevent the melt from solidifying
ModelTmaxCrucibleCapacityMelting output2Consumption
lid closedConsumption
 °C Kg AlKg CuKg Al/hKg Cu/hkWh/hkWh/kg ALkW
TBR 80/111100BU 2002006501401-8.01.0 - 1.1180
TBR 100/111100BU 2502508301401-8.81.0 - 1.1180
TBR 110/111100BU 30030010001501-10.41.0 - 1.1210
TBR 150/111100BU 35035011502201-12.01.0 - 1.1240
TBR 180/111100BU 50050016502701-13.61.0 - 1.1300
TBR 240/111100BU 60060020003301-15.21.0 - 1.1320
TBR 360/111100BU 800800-3501-16.01.0 - 1.1320
1At 700 °C
2The stated melting outputs are maximum values. Daily operation comes up to roughly 80 %.