Bogie Hearth Furnaces Electrically Heated

W 2200/S with exchangeable table system W 7500 with bogie, separated in three parts

W 8250/S

Meander shaped heating elements for short process times

Bogie running on steel wheels with gear rack drive, no rails necessary

Bogie hearth furnace with gas supply system

Furnace system with W 17000 in work in progress

Bogie hearth furnace W 6340S

W 1000/G - W 10000

For annealing and hardening of larger parts, for example heavy cast parts or tool steel dies to temperatures between 800 °C and 1100 °C, we recommend our bogie hearth furnaces with radiation heating. The bogie can be loaded outside the furnace. When the design includes an electro-hydraulic lift door and a motorized bogie, the furnace can be opened while hot and the load can be removed for cooling or quenching. When several bogies are used together with a second door or bogie transfer system, one bogie can be loaded outside the furnace while the other bogie is in the furnace. This shortens process times and the residual energy of the furnace can be used when the new charge is heated.

  • Tmax 900  °C or 1280  °C
  • Dual shell housing with rear ventilation, provides low shell temperatures
  • Swing door hinged on the right side
  • Heating from five sides (four sides and bogie) provides for a optimum temperature uniformity
  • Bogie heating receives power via blade contacts when driven in
  • Heating elements mounted on support tubes provide for free radiation and long service life
  • Bottom heating protected by SiC tiles on the bogie providing level stacking surface
  • Multi-layer insulation consisting of lightweight refractory bricks backed by microporus silica insulation
  • Self-supporting and long-life ceiling construction with bricks laid in arched construction
  • Bogies with flanged wheels running on rails for easy and precise movement of heavy loads
  • Adjustable air inlet damper
  • Manual exhaust air flap on the furnace roof
  • Over-temperature limiter with manual reset for thermal protection class 2 in accordance with EN 60519-2 as temperature limiter to protect the furnace and load

Additional equipment

  • Fiber insulation also in combination with meander shaped heating for short heating times
  • Electric chain-driven bogie in combination with rail operation for smooth movement of heavy loads
  • Bogie running on steel wheels with gear rack drive, no rails in front of the furnace necessary
  • Different possibilities for an extension to a bogie hearth furnace system:
    • Additional bogies
    • Bogie transfer system with parking rails to exchange bogies running on rails or to connect multiples furnaces
    • Motor-driven bogies and cross-traversal system
    • Fully automatic control of the bogie exchange
  • Electro-hydraulic lift door
  • Motor-driven exhaust air flap, switchable via the program
  • Uncontrolled or controlled cooling system with frequency-controlled cooling fan and motor-driven exhaust air flap
  • Multi-zone control adapted to the particular furnace provides model for optimal the temperature uniformity
  • Commissioning of the furnace with test firing and temperature uniformity measurement (also with load) for the purpose of process optimization
  • Process documentation and control with Controltherm MV software package, NTLog and NTGraph for the basic furnace or Nabertherm Control Center (NCC) for monitoring, documentation and control
ModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmVolumeOuter dimensions in mmHeatingElectricalWeight
 °Cwdhin lWDHpower in kW1connectionin kg
W 1000/G90080016008001000147024101915403-phase3000
W 1500/G90090019009001500157027102030573-phase3500
W 2200/G9001000220010002200167030102140753-phase4500
W 3300/G90010002800120033001670361023551103-phase5300
W 5000/G90010003600140050001670441025551403-phase7300
W 7500/G90010005400140075001670621025551853-phase10300
W 10000/G900100071001400100001670791025552353-phase12500
W 1000128080016008001000147024101915573-phase3000
W 1500128090019009001500157027102030753-phase3500
W 2200128010002200100022001670301021401103-phase4000
W 3300128010002800120033001670361023551403-phase5300
W 5000128010003600140050001670441025551853-phase7500
W 7500128010005400140075001670621025552353-phase9100
W 100001280100071001400100001670791025553003-phase11000
1Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher